Saturday, February 02, 2008

Only one 2008 FO so far

Boy, work sure interferes with knitting productivity. These little socks are my only FO so far this year and I knit them on New Year's Day! They are for the latest campaign for afghans for Afghans.

I do have several WIPs - Monkey socks by Cookie A, using the pattern and yarn that were in my Holiday 2007 swap package. I work on these at lunch time and am about 3/4 finished with the second sock. This is the most popular sock pattern on Ravelry with over 3,000 versions posted.

I have finished the sleeves and back and am 3/4 through the left front of Cable Jacket by Martin Storey from Rowan's Knitting for Him. The DXH bought the yarn (O~Wool) and book for me at my request so I could make him a sweater. This is a very enjoyable project, all the cables and patterning keeps my attention and the wool is a pleasure to knit.

The white Cormo yarn from Elsa Sheep Company finally arrived at The Yarn Lounge so I have my Twisty Turns by Norah Gaughan (from Wrap Style) as my endless - ten feet - mindless knitting.

And now for some more 2007 FOs

The Nomad Hat from Interweave Knits made for my next door neighbor out of some absolutely heavenly Australian merino yarn. She gets cold easily and I made this for her to wear when she walks. Don't know if she has needed it yet. It has been a warm winter.

Once Stewart made one of these, everyone at The Yarn Lounge had to jump on the bandwagon. It is the Sideways Cap, a pattern written specifically for O~Wool and knit using some in black. I made it over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and have worn it lots.

My friend, Beth, liked mine so I made one in red for her. I met her because we both have Scottish Deerhounds so I used some antler buttons for her hat. She likes it because it keeps her ears warm when she walks the hounds.


Blogger Suzanne said...

I can see why its such a bandwagon project....its a lovely hat!

Your knitting will catch up to your new schedule....the first 2-4 weeks of a job are the toughest mentally and physically. Plus, who can resist the siren's call of the stash for long?

12:43 PM  
Anonymous your Scavenger Hunt Swap Spoiler said...

Though you only have one FO, it seems that your WIPs are getting plenty of attention. Almost done with your monkey socks? That's great! And the hats look lovely.

3:07 PM  
Blogger junior_goddess said...

'rrr yu sindng 'er oud ta ged dog bikketz? She no nit, no plae, no HOEM, muds maek bikket munnee?


12:55 AM  

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