Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday iPod on Saturday

Made the list yesterday but for some reason couldn't post from work.

1. Smile - Jane Birkin
2. You Drive Me Crazy - Greg Brown
3. Makin' Whoopee - Dr. John Feat & Rickie Lee Jones
4. Corrina, Corrina - Bob Dylan
5. Heartland Truckstop - Beth Orton
6. I Know One - John Prine & Emmylou Harris
7. Essence - Lucinda Williams
8. Number 16 - Jimmie Dale Gilmore
9. September Song - Jimmy Durante
10. Two Little Feet - Greg Brown

Does anyone know of a really good album of covers of Dylan's love songs? He has written some truly beautiful & moving ones and I would love to find them collected somewhere. Lay Lady Lay is probably my favorite.

I remember well watching the Ed Sullivan Show when Jimmy Durante would perform. I was puzzled at the appeal of the old (to me), homely man singing love songs. I rediscovered him on the soundtrack of Sleepless in Seattle and now love to listen to my album - The Best of. It is precisely because of his age and homeliness that the yearning in his singing has such an appeal.



Anonymous benne said...

Cate, we share a love of Dylan's music and Jimmy Durante. Gotta love a guy a guy like that. I found an album by Maria Muldar that covers Dylan's love songs. Might have to have it myself.

I separated the link so it wouldn't be so long. Let me know what you think.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Rogue said...

2 great CD albums that came free with the UK music magazine UNCUT were these

you may be able to find them online somewhere

but try this site also . . .

should keep you busy

4:09 PM  

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