Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Close but no cigar

After miles of grafting, I tried my first Sidewinder on because I was a bit worried the leg would be too tight. Yay! The leg fit. Oh no! I felt something dreadful happening.

Ack! I had missed some stitches and they unraveled.

I almost frogged the whole thing in disgust but stopped myself. Put the edge stitches on some waste yarn, picked up the others. And promptly put the fiendish thing in Time Out. I really like the vertical patterning of the colors so will eventually finish them. Lesson learned - don't try to graft a gazillion stitches and teach a class at the same time.

To calm myself, I cast on some Diagonal Rib Socks, a free pattern by Ann Budd from Knitting Daily. I am using Toasty Toes yarn left over from one of the pairs that Peach liked.

Really enjoyed I Heart Huckabees. Goofy and intelligent, enhanced for me by my past studies of Buddhist teachings and French philosophy and criticism. A loving and wacko comedy with Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffmann, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Wahlberg, Jude Law, Naomi Watts and the ever exquisite Isabelle Huppert.

Also saw and was touched by Imagine, a documentary about the life of my favorite Beatle, John Lennon.

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Blogger Joan said...

I knew those socks were trouble!

Your CO edge looks so neat on the new socks, what CO do you use? I do a loose long tail so end up with almost frilly tops, which disappear when the sock is on of course, but nevertheless...

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Do you teach weaving classes? If so, do you do individual classes? I have a loom at my home in the Fan but it's been so long I really need help!

12:48 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I've been loving watching everyone knit sidewinders. I love yours, and am so glad you stopped yourself from ripping it out.

I really liked I Heart Huckabees, too, (although can't remember very much of the plot anymore!)

3:34 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Oh no! Your poor sidewinders! The new socks look lovely though.

10:15 PM  

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