Saturday, July 07, 2007

Black Sheep

Black Sheep got a great review in The New York Times. I missed it but Melanie sent me the link. Wonder if it will come to Richmond?



Blogger Rogue said...

Hey! long time no’ logged in - there are a few to many Scotsmen Jokes on the Blacksheep site for a Scottish Deerhounds liking - ha ha - just kiddin’- interestin that it is a Mel Gibson Film Company ‘ICON’ movie - Braveheart (Scottish Hero William Wallace)and all that.

I like your music lists - and believe it or not have every Junior Brown release - talkin’ real country - here is a great book I’d recommend to anyone into swing country - LONE STAR SWING: ON THE TRAIL OF BOB WILLS AND HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS wrote by a Scotsman who lived only two miles along the road from auld Rogue here - DUNCAN MCLEAN.

Do a search on amazon or any good book retailer.

8:18 PM  

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