Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mastering Color

Taught a workshop today on color at the Studio School of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It was lots of fun. There were only two students and they both are friends of Roz! (See Roz with her red blanket and grey sweater in some earlier blog entries)

Meet Chesley. She is also a knitter and hangs out at The Yarn Lounge.

Chesley worked hard on the color mixing exercises.

Meet Eric. We invited him to come hang out at The Yarn Lounge too. He said he had been once to see Roz. We said - come again.

After finishing his color exercises, Eric did a color study of a beautiful gourd.

Teaching color classes is satisfying because my students always seem to learn something useful. The colors are always beautiful. My students today were particularly enjoyable and we had some great conversations. They didn't mind me knitting on the International Sock of Doom either.


Blogger Mary said...

What a fantastic class! You must advertise the next time you teach such a class -- I'd take it! :-)

12:25 PM  
Blogger CatBookMom said...

Can I come stay with you and take your class? I understand that learning about the use of color takes some time, but I feel a bit hesitant a lot of the time. A class like yours would be wonderful!

4:41 PM  

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