Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Progress, purchases & a favorite bag

After a fair amount of tinking (for some reason I kept dropping YOs), I have finished Clue 3. I am enjoying this KAL so much that I ordered Hanami and Spring Tootsies from Melanie.

Even though my Sidewinder wasn't in Time Out long enough for me to truly forgive it, I bit the bullet and finished it. This time, there was no unpleasant surprise.

Sangeeta, sadly blogless these days, had a Yarn Swap and Sale party at her house this past Saturday. I took three grocery bags full of yarn and only came home with one. That one was mostly yarn no one wanted plus enough for two pairs of socks that I got from Mary. With the money I made, I bought two books that have been on my wish list.

Knitting for Peace combines history, contact information and patterns in a well written and designed format. There is a great sweater pattern that uses odds and ends of yarn in an interesting and clever way.

So far there are two sweaters and a scarf from Knitting Nature on my Want To Knit list.

This bag from Obey The Pure Breed makes me laugh every time I use it. Check out the extensive list of breed, mutt, baby, cat and peace items available from this hilarious site. My only gripe, nothing with Deerhounds.

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Blogger Mary said...

The stole and the sidewinder are lovely! Good book choices, too! I've been eyeing that Knitting For Peace at Barnes & Noble, but haven't bought it yet. Looks good, though.

5:26 PM  
Blogger benne said...

MS3 looks beautiful! Great sock, too.
Good score on the books, I like the way Nora Gaughan's mind works. There are a couple of things in there I would like to make and wear for myself. Deerhounds certainly deserve their own bag!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Love those bags!! My daughter made me a banner for my blog with my beloved whippetx on it!! Totally besotted! I need the whippets of mass destruction bag! lol

8:15 PM  

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