Saturday, July 29, 2006

Knitting for babies

I enjoy knitting baby sweaters even though there are no babies in my life. The sweaters usually spend some time at TYL as samples. Then they get packed up and sent to afghans for Afghans. Knitting baby sweaters gives me the chance to make much fancier sweaters than I would ever want to wear. Knitting for myself involves what feels like acres of stockinette since I favor fairly plain clothes. I thought I would share some of my baby sweaters knit over the past year or so.

This is from Rowan Baby and a more demonic pattern I would be hard pressed to find. Why does anyone write a pattern for a raglan sleeve sweater and call for it to be knit flat in pieces? It is a pretty sweater though.

This is from an excellent book - Knitting for Baby - by Melanie Falick & Kristin Nicholas. It is cabled on both the back and front and was a blast to make. Melanie from TYL made a sleeveless version.

This last one is in Knitter's Almanac by the absolute knitting goddess, Elizabeth Zimmermann. I have made several versions of this sweater and never tire of it. I plan to make another one soon.

More photos of more baby sweaters to come shortly.


Blogger Mary said...

Fantastic sweaters, Cate - and what a great idea to loan them for display and then give them to charity! I'm constantly bemoaning the fact that I learned to knit too late - all my nieces and nephews are too big for baby stuff anymore. Perhaps this is my answer! ;-)

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