Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Good War - nkc*

*no knitting content.

The novels of Alan Furst are set in Europe during the 1930s & 1940s. Each book has a main character from a different country and walk of life - a Hungarian aristocrat, a Dutch sea captain, a Bulgarian spy, a French film producer. They are drawn into the lead up to World War Two and into taking some form of action against the Nazis. Their world is dark but leavened by love. These beautifully written thrillers can be read in any order without losing a sense of continuity or characters. About the only recurrences from book to book are the city of Paris and its Brasserie Heininger - everyone ends up there. Even though there is genuine suffering and cruel circumstance, I find Furst's books an escape from our present world where so much is ambiguous and seemingly insoluble. In those days it was clear what had to be done. It was the good war.


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