Monday, August 14, 2006

The endless toe up sock

I really feel some sympathy for my ancestral knitting sisters. Imagine knitting socks on #0000 needles! My Wendy's generic toe up socks are feeling endless on #0s. And I am not even sure they are going to fit. I followed the directions and began the heel when the foot was 2" shorter than the desired length but the foot ended up only being 9". I was trying for 10".

Anyway, this is the first sock. I am working on the feather and fan lace now and wondering just how tall the leg has to be. As mentioned before, I don't mind looking like a dork. However, if the socks don't fit and become a gift, how can I avoid the giftee feeling like a dork in short socks? Knit longer legs, duh.

This picture should give a slightly better view of the lace. I do wonder if it isn't a bit stupid to make a pair of socks that take as long to knit as an easy sweater. Oh yeah, it is hot outside. I don't want to knit something that touches my lap.

Hmm, feeling a bit crabby, Cate???


Blogger knitfriendly said...

I took a class recently on Wendy's toe up sock pattern. Instead of knitting 2 inches before the length of your foot, measure the length of your short row toe (as soon as you have completed it) and subtract that measurement from your desired length. I think that Wendy mentioned 2" because that is the length of her short row toe. Mine, for example, is only 1.5 with my latest socks, so using her 2", I would be a whole half of an inch short. Hope that this helps.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

The sock, as tedious as it may seem right now, is lookin' awfully pretty! :-)

11:56 PM  

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